Calendar of Events

Fall-Winter 2019

Info on more events temporarily unavailable, Society meetings held first Friday of each month.

All O&WRHS Meetings are held at the Mulberry House Senior Center, 62-70 West Main Street, Middletown, NY.

This year’s O&W RHS convention will be held Saturday, Nov 9, at the Otterkill Country Club near Campbell Hall, NY.  It will open at noon, and continue through dinner to about 9pm.  Full details (including driving directions, prices, raffle prizes, etc) will be mailed to all our members early next month, but in the meantime we want to let you know that along with the displays, excellent food, and catching up with old friends, we will have an exciting set of presentations.  They will be all about O&W bridges, and include modeling them, how the O&W accomplished the tricky work of upgrading them under continual traffic, and a 21st century forensic engineering analysis of a major O&W bridge collapse. It will all be a lot of fun, and we look forward to seeing you there. Regards,

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