Calendar of Events

We will be holding our September membership meeting on the internet via Zoom on Saturday, September 12, at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

The presentation will be “The O&W in Middletown” by Doug Barberio (I saw a small preview of it last week, and (no surprise) it is excellent).

Note that attendance in our internet meetings is restricted to members-only. We will send out emails that contain individual keys for the members (who have given us working email addresses) to get into the meeting. If you did not receive such an email, please email

Although holding the meetings on the internet is necessary due to the continuing danger of Covid19, doing them this way has many exciting advantages — mainly that all of our Society members can attend, no matter where they live (and without traveling any distance, short or long, to and from Middletown). The members giving reports (and the presenter) will be onscreen. The other attendees will be interacting by voting, answering brief polls, and submitting questions and comments.

Please note that this will be our first online membership meeting, and even though we have done lots of preparation, we may hit several bumps in the road. If so, please bear with us. We’ll all get better at it as we continue.

All O&WRHS Meetings will be held on the internet until further notice.

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