Calendar of Events

Next O&W RHS Membership Meeting:

Date Time: Jun 16, 2021 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The program will be presented by:

Bob Earle:
The Golden Twilight of Steam, Part 4, New York Central and O&W films by Frank W. Schlegel

All O&W RHS Meetings will be held over the internet (using Zoom) until further notice. 

The meetings are for members only, but non-members can watch the presentations for a $5.00 fee.  For details click

Until then, I would like to share a poem by Bob McCue about the Poughkeepsie Bridge

Editor: Frank Florianz

Just this time in 74. Smoke rose into the Poughkeepsie sky. Just this time in 74 I watched an era die. Who knew trains would never be again so high in the Poughkeepsie sky. Just this time in 74. A time of Watergate and war, Silent fell a railroad bridge. Amid a world changing too fast to mourn . The Hudson goes forever on. The river breezes call. For thirty years a giant slept. Waiting for a rebirth or fall. Walk the walkway today. Feel the river breezes call. Sojourners walk the mile high above the tides rise and fall. Far below a river tug carries on its chores. I walk the mile and remember the times before a day in ’74. Bob McCue….

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