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This page has been revised as of December 2022…

It is a bit ironic that as physical remnants of the O&W gradually disappear from the scene, the amount of published and otherwise available information about the O&W grows rapidly.

We offer a large variety of our own and others’ publications that cover a broad range of topics about both the O&W and railroads associated with the O&W.  They are listed below.

We also sell printed copies of other original drawings and documents, as well as of photos, but only track maps (valuation maps) from 1916 are mentioned in the list.  For details about obtaining printed copies, please see the Documents page within the Preservation section of this website.

Instructions for ordering are on the last page.  To order by printing the form, you can print the single page views, or download and print the pdf file (click on the link at the bottom of this page).

Here is  our latest item list and order form in PDF format: