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Middletown Railroad Day 2010

2009 Banquet Photos Photos by Jerry Beach

Middletown Railroad Day 2009

My Bobber and other kits from the kitchen table by John Canfield

Made in the NER – Old & Weary Car Shop by Barry Abisch

Getting to the Bottom of Culverts by Ronald J. Stanulevich – Photos by Ron Vassallo

2008 Banquet Photos by Ron Vassallo

Mystery Solved by Dan Myers

Train 24 and the Iona Island Wreck by Dan Myers – With New Photos from Steve Swirsky

Middletown Railroad Day 2008 Photos by Joe Bux

Charlie Breiner’s Claryville Railroad gets a new shed plus updated layout photos by Charlie Breiner

Update on NYO&W Caboose 8304 by Ernie Hunt

A New Beginning-The AV Train Order Signal  by Dan Myers

Mike Robertson’s O&W (.pdf file)

Summitville 1984 Photo Gallery

What Might Have Been – A Tale of Three Railroads by Robert McCue (.pdf format)

Puzzle at Summitville – Photos by Tom Kintz

Remembering The O&W by Joseph P. Schwietman

The O&W’s Impact on the Catskills by Wilmer E. Sipple

A New Beginning-The AV Train Order Signal  by Dan Myers


TRAINS, MULES, AND SQUIRREL WHISKEY  – A Slightly   Fractured  Fairytale of Life Along the NYO&W Railway by Ronald J. Stanulevich (.pdf format)

The Midland’s Centennial Cars – Intro and transcription by Richard Palmer

The Remains of the Ontario and Western Railway Fifty Years after Abandonment – Oswego to Cadosia “Revised Edition” – by Drew James

“I’ve Been Working On The Railroad” – Researching and Writing on the Middletown & New Jersey Railroad by Walter J. Conklin IV  (.pdf format)

Country Cousins – A Series by Robert McCue

2007 Banquet Photos by Joe Bux

2007 Middletown Railroad Day Photos by Joe Bux

O&W Tribute Day – March 31,  2007 Photos by Ron Vassallo

Light a Lamp for the Old Woman by Dan Myers

Keeping Warm on the NYO&W in the Diesel Era – Modeling the Unique-to-the-O&W Heater Car in HO Scale (.pdf format) by Peter Terwilliger

Middletown Railroad Day 2006 Photos by Joe Bux

Swirling Around in Fish’s Eddy – Part I by John Canfield

Other Cabooses – A Postscript – Has a Long-Lost O&W 8000-Series Caboose Been Rediscovered? by Ronald J. Stanulevich

Draper’s Switch by Dan Myers – Photos from Dan Myers and Jeff Otto

Northern Division Roots by Doug Ellison

If Only This Stuff Could Talk (Sometimes It Does) by Jack Norris

A Short History Of the Claryville Branch Of the New York Ontario & Western Railway by Charles M. Breiner

DeForest Diver: Engineer – Photographer – Inventor Special Thanks to Steven Smith, Jeff Diver, Jill Powell, Jack Tepper & Dan Myers

“It’s the End of the World As We Know It….” by Bill Schneider

Trout and Trains – A Beaver Kill Photo Story by John Taibi 

Bill Wilcox and the #116 by John Taibi 

Now Pinch Hitting for AV – Walgreens! by John Canfield

Third Time A Charm – NYO&W # 105 Gets Another Chance Special Thanks to Patrick Stapleton

The Borden’s ‘Butter Dish’ Milk Tank Car by John Canfield

The O&W’s ‘Other’ Cabooses – Early 8-Wheel Caboose Cars of the NYO&W Railway by Ronald J. Stanulevich

Munnsville in the ‘Forgotten’ Years by John Canfield

Rail-Concrete Masonry on the New York, Ontario, & Western Railway by Ronald J. Stanulevich

O&W Day At The Mamakating Depot, June 13, 2004 by Ron Vassallo

Oversized Gla’s on the O&W by Bob Karig

An Evening In Middletown by Ronald J. Vassallo’

Coming Into Maybrook? by Ed Weinstein

The Life and Death of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway by Bob Karig

A Different View of the NYO&W Kingston Branch by Les Dahlstedt

Remembrances of the O&W by Richard M. Hanschka & Marjorie Gould

The Original O&W Whistle Stop Tour by Leroy Y. Beaujon

The Auburn Branch Of The New York & Oswego Midland by Richard Palmer

An Old Time Excursion Over the Midland’s Auburn Branch by Richard Palmer

How Beaver Meadow got it’s name, and other sketches of the surrounding vicinity by Richard Palmer

Livingston Manor’s Historical Secret by Wilmer E. Sipple

Along The Line by Wayne G. Levitt

Boyhood Recollections of the O&W by Philip E. Munson

The Story of Roscoe’s Trout Weathervane by Wilmer E. Sipple

What Makes the O&W Go! Introduction by Ken Hojnacki

Pete Putman’s Virtual Bus Tour Part II

The Original O&W Virtual Bus Tour by Pete Putman

The Story of the Mamakating Mine (Various Authors)

The O&W’s Impact on the Catskills by Wilmer E. Sipple

Roscoe’s Secret O&W Treasure  by Wilmer E. Sipple

Roscoe’s O&W Treasure Buried Forever W. E. Sipple

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