Meetings and presentations

The O&W RHS has held monthly membership meetings for its entire 5-decade plus history.  They have been held in Middletown, NY.  Because of Covid-19, we have been holding them via the internet, using Zoom.  This has many exciting advantages — mainly that all of our Society members can now attend safely, no matter where they live, and with no traveling at all. 

For almost our entire existence, after each meeting we have hosted a presentation about the O&W (or connecting railroad, etc).  Particularly in recent decades, these presentations are very carefully researched, scripted, and organized to be very informative and enjoyable.

Our online meetings are for our members only, but we have just set things up so non-members can watch the presentation live by sending $5.00 to via PayPal.  You need a PayPal account for this, and if you don’t have one you can click here to set one up:

If you have never used Zoom before, when you receive the registration email and click on the link, that will lead you through the steps to set up Zoom.

A little “sales” note: We have at least six membership meetings per year, each with an excellent presentation.  To see six presentations as a nonmember would cost $30.  Our basic membership dues are $32 per year, and besides being able to attend all the meetings and presentations, each year we send to our members a newly-written book about the O&W (retail price between $20 and $55), an O&W calendar, and O&W newsletters.  You may want to try becoming a member.

Please submit any questions to: