Trademark Notice

N.Y.O.&W. Railway Trademark

The O&W logo is a Federal registered trademark owned by the Ontario & Western Historical Railway Society, Inc., and its use without prior permission of the Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society, Inc. is prohibited.  By Federal law, the Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society, Inc. must guard and protect the use of its registered trademark in order to maintain its proprietary rights in the trademark.

Our goal, as a society, is to preserve the heritage of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway and ensure that its symbols are preserved and presented in a way that honors the railroad and its employees.  For this reason, we require that permission be obtained for each product that displays this logo.  We do not charge a licensing fee, but we do require that a license be obtained for each item on which it is used or displayed, and that appropriate disclosure of permission be displayed with the product stating that the O&W logo is used with permission by the Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society.

A duty-free license for the use of this trademark may be obtained by submitting your request along with a description of its intended use to:

President – Ontario & Western Historical Society

PO Box 713

Middletown, NY 10940

Failure to obtain permission may result in action to prohibit the sale of any merchandise containing this logo.

NYO&W Railway Trademark Notice

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Special thanks to Jim Parrella for initiating the trademark project.