How to Volunteer

Volunteering not only helps the Society, but benefits you, too.  Besides filling what seems to be a basic human need, you can learn a lot about the O&W and railroading, develop skills, expand friendships, and get a true feeling of accomplishment.

We realize that the key to making volunteering a pleasurable and rewarding experience is good project planning, and having the materials and tools available, so we strive (and usually succeed) to make complete preparations for the jobs to be done.

Many people don’t realize just how rewarding volunteering can be.  There is a great way to find out.  As Woody Allen once said “Eighty percent of success is showing up”.

The following testimonials were submitted by Society volunteers, and pasted here unchanged:

When asked to participate during the Railroads of Middletown, I did not know what kind of experience to expect.  I was pleasantly surprised at the flow of people and the variety of their experiences with the railroads:  from young people learning about the history to seasoned folks who shared with us their experiences 65 years ago.  I first perused the photos and display items and then the computer programs displaying virtual train, valley and dale – and then enjoyed sharing these with others.

Dan Paashaus

More testimonials on the way …

We welcome volunteers to help in everything we do, such as the following:

Officers and/or Trustees*

Committee Chairmen and members

Special project leaders and team members

Website or Ontario Express article authors

Observer authors

PowerPoint presentation developers and presenters

Grant writer

Bequest expert

Computer network specialist

* Note that there is just one restriction spelled out in our By-Laws, applying only to membership in the Board of Trustees.  They state that to be eligible for membership on the Board of Trustees a member shall have held an elected or appointed Society office for at least one full term.  Many of the opportunities above qualify, so this is not at all a burdensome restriction.